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Local tax audit

According to our experience, local tax (building and land tax) returns are based often on inaccurate technical data. By a thorough survey and function-review the amount of tax payment obligation can be reduced substantially.

  1. In the first phase, wereview the adequacy of tax returns both from legal and technical aspects.
  2. As second step, we survey the property (site visits) in architectural and surveying disciplines, explore technical reserves and specify ground-space statements which are the basis of tax returns.
  3. Next, we work out the tax returns relying on the thorough local knowledge of our professionals and complying with specific regulations of the local governments.
  4. Finally, we compile the entire tax return documentation with annexes for the tax authority and we accomplish the whole administration process to approval.


Cost reduction can be enforced not only for future but also for past tax payments. Our tax expert colleagues review tax returns of previous years and prepare requests for possible refunds. We prepare such technical annexes, which clearly demonstrate the merits of refunds. If requested, MatrixFM represents its client during the entire process to the end of the process.