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Fire safety audit


From fire safety aspects, we primarily examine changes may occurred since initial use, because in case of any official control it could provide the basis for amerce or fines. Legislation has been significantly changed in 2008 and then in 2011 (after a tragedy in a club in Budapest). Permits from previous periods are valid but changes must be agreed and approved according to the new and stricter rules.

Fire safety expertise


I. Fire safety audit for establishing changes

    1. Survey of building accesses and general fire safety deficiencies, preparing proposals for correction of deficiencies
    2. Updating fire safety regulations in accordance with the existing rules 
    3. Survey of floor plan changes, prepare relating calculations, plans, review of standards

Fire authority decides about any controls in a sovereign manner. If the owner of the property would like to be prepared for such a test, he must undertake a thorough screening of each field. Main topics of the expanded scope are the following:

Official fire authority acceptance and fire safety expert audit

in addition to the above mentioned audit tasks

II. Fire safety tests relating the use of the building

    1. Checking emergency exits
    2. Audit of fire safety maintenance records
    3. Audit of fire safety regulations (rentals over 5 people)
    4. Assessment of fire educational protocols (eg. maintainers, cleaners, reception)

III. Fire safety audit for established changes

    1. Detailed review of fire sections
    2. Lightning protection review
    3. Collecting and listing building structures to be certificated