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Facility Management audit


It happens often, that for rationalization or remodeling of facility management processes not all know-how’s are available “in-house”. For example in case of a centralized maintenance organizations or implementing IT-supports, but also at arrival of a new manager, an independent, objective situation analysis could be necessary. To choose and apply the best and most professional methods, broad outlook could be useful.

Our consulting experts review property management, facility management and asset management activities. According to the needs of our clients, we analyze processes accomplished within the organization and by external resources. Some examples within the scope of the audit:

  1. Financial Analysis: define cost levels and plans 
  2. Controlling: define – for example – SLA
  3. Property Management: legal settlement, sale preparation
  4. Facility Management: unexpected and planned preventive maintenances
  5. Supplier accounting: audit of contractual system, define performance measurement points
  6. Asset Management: review of asset management and inventory system
  7. Lease Management: audit of tenancy contracts
  8. Area management: review of library systems and documentation
  9. IT Support: CAFM and database audit, development of recommendations for improvement