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Since January 1, 2012 building energy certification is obligatory for companies if there is an agreement concluded for more than one year lease or in case of purchase. MatrixFM not only prepares the certification, but also proposes how to make profit from the costs of the certification.

According to the law (No 7/2006 TNM order and 176/2008 (VI:30) Government Decree), required technical content by on-site inspections, structural control inspections and by available proprietary documents, plans, protocols is the following:

      1. Define the intended use of the building and relating basic data and requirements.
      2. Define geometric data including the circumference of structures calculated by linear heat loss coefficient (floor on the ground, basement wall)
      3. Calculation of surface/volume ratio.
      4. Define the value of specific heat loss factor by surface/volume ratio and by function.
      5. Define the planned value of specific heat loss factor.
      6. Check summertime overheating risks.
      7. Calculate net heating energy demand.
      8. Define and identify heating system losses.
      9. Define auxiliary electrical power demand of the heating system.
      10. Define primary energy demand of the heating system.
      11. Define net heat energy demand of hot water supply.
      12. Identify hot water supply losses.