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By an energy audit, the owner will have a development plan with return on investment calculations. It means:

    1.  The owner can choose the most suitable funding opportunities of investment alternatives, resulting cost optimization;
    2. In case of realization of a chosen technical content, energy expenditures can be reduced in the future (regularly)
    3. The company will have a sustainable and environmentally conscious image towards the tenants and their own organizations, thereby increasing employees’ and clients’ loyalty.

The audit may reveal the equipments that needs urgent or preventive maintenance if any, thereby increasing reliability and reducing possible damages may arise in case of any shutdown.

Specific technical content of the audit is the following:

      1. Basic data: design documentation provided by client, consumption data, antecedents
      2. Description of current state of the building (architecture, building engineering systems, building electricity, maintenance, waste management)
      3. Consumption data processing, analysis, charts
      4. Review and consultancy advice for development possibilities of each areas from building structures, HVAC and electrical systems, water supply, sewerage and waste management point of views, for at least 4 versions, review of a development area combination proposed by the consultant, review of a development  area combination proposed by the client
      5. Define technical content of development alternatives
      6. Tabular comparison of development alternatives from economic aspects, evaluation
      7. Building energy calculations for existing conditions
      8. Building energy calculations by taking into account  proposed building improvements
      9. Summary of statements by the results and experiences