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Our system introduced in 2011 for Hajógyári Vagyonkezelő Kft./Dockyard Island Asset Management Ltd. (handed over with tenant and area management, and public utility cost controlling functions) was one of the first CAFM system in Hungary. It was the first Graphisoft ArchiFM software implemented in our country (the second one worldwide). By this step we played a leading role in the innovation of CAFM systems in Hungary.

MatrixFM is independent brand consultant; it means that we are not committed to only one software or only one vendor: we implement optimal solutions according to clients’ needs (we choose easy to use, cost optimized products) and perform customization or client-side quality assurance – this is much more than only selling a software. By this service, we focus FM processes and IT support of our clients, adding value with professional CAFM know-how. Since, so many clients, there are so many different businesses and corporate environments.

As client-side quality assurance consultant, we specify individual code-level development functions and – since a concrete software is implemented by a single vendor – our clients choose not only a software but also a partner for long-term. For this reason, we ensure independent control and testing. Code-level type changes have to be done and properly tested after each updates. In case of an off-shelf software, customization needed – as far as possible – by database-side developments (for example Oracle, SQL).


As quality assurance consultant we answer the following questions:

During implementation and in initial use phase:

    1.  If system functionality has been covered entirely by the pilot project as planned? What changes are needed?
    2. What are the additional resources/expenses, if client requests any changes compared to the original system plan?
    3. Are management reports – prepared by the developer – reliable?
    4. What shall include a thorough handover protocol include? What are the steps?
    5. Is continuous on-site presence necessary during implementation?

In software selection phase:

    1. Melyek a piacon elérhető megoldások erősségei és kockázatai?
    2. Mikor előny és mikor hátrány a grafikus integráció?
    3. Egyedi fejlesztés vagy „dobozos” szoftver az optimális megoldás?
    4. Melyek a webes megoldások előnyei és hátrányai?
    5. Hogyan integrálható a meglévő ERP rendszerrel a kiszemelt CAFM?
    6. Mit tartalmazzon egy rendszerfejlesztési pályázati kiírás?

CAFM software is a complex and effective tool to control our processes better. Above a certain portfolio size it is essential, but its use – especially in the initial period – is a big challenge for the company.

Based on our own market research,
60% of implementation of CAFM failed in the last 15 years in Hungary. In case of IT-systems, it means high project risks which can be reduced the most effectively by strengthening client-side quality insurance.